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What they say…

Rihanna from NSW

Does what it is supposed to do

Though i run 5 miles everyday, my thighs were not losing fat. After reading review, I decided to buy thigh wraps. It fits me perfectly. So have started to use it when I run on threadmill. I can feel that my thigh is getting slimmer . I never run without it .

🛒 Tyler Leg & Waist Trimmer

Valerie from SA

I Love it

I just recently got this product and I was kind of skeptical of whether or not it would do something for me. I loveee long lashes, falsies and extensions so I was hoping it would give me some type of affect of that kind. I watched a couple online videos of this product before buying and everyone seemed in love so why not I got it.

🛒 Bae Boss Lash Lift Kit

Anne Murphy from VIC

Excellent Quality

The goods are of excellent quality. It was a birthday present. The order came on time, yay. I ordered two boxes. When you hold it, it feels solid not like those cheap ones on amazon. Nothing I can fault about this and great support as I knew where my idem was through tracking it.

🛒 Titan Skin Rejuvenation Device

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