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  • Dust suction function, to keep it clean
  • Whole-body water washable
  • It is easy to disassemble and replace the remover
  • With fine and rough, 2 types of removers
  • 2-stage speed regulation
  • 1-hour fast recharging

Calluses are hard, painful areas of skin that often develop on the feet from pressure or friction. This happen when the skin tries to protects your feet from injury, pressure, or rubbing. It's not dangerous, however it can cause irritation and discomfort. This is why the electric foot file grinder is mostly used in standard pedicure procedures as its safe and instant results.

The Electric Vacuum Foot Grinder is unique unlike others as it has a vacuum that sucks up that dead skin shavings while you use it.


  • MESS-FREE: Electric Vacuum Foot Grinder uses a built-in vacuum that buffs away and sucks up dead skin at the same time
  • HIGH-POWER HOME PEDICURE TOOLComes included with a micro-abrasion head that rotates at 2000 rpm for higher intensity with maximum comfort.
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERYPerfect for getting soft, silky feet at home, in the office, in the car, or anywhere else you go.
  • INSTANT RESULTS: Instantly removes dry, dead skin, and uncomfortable calluses from the heels, soles, and toes. It even works on the hands.
  • PEDICURE-WORTHY FEETWITHOUT GOING TO THE SALON: With this product, you'll no longer have to suffer dry, cracked heels in-between salon visits. Now you can have pedicure-worthy feet whenever you want!
  • BEAUTIFUL SKIN WITHOUT DAMAGE: A regular foot file grates and damages skin, causing pain and discomfort. This product removes uncomfortable calluses, and smoothens cracked heels without damaging your feet!

S508详情03What's Inside:

1 * Foot Grinder
3 * Grinding head
1 * Usb Cable
1 * Brush
1 * Sponge filter
1 * Manual


How to use it:

Please read and know well all precautions before use.
1. Open, press ON/OFF/speed regulation button for 3 seconds to start.
Work/recharging indicator light will be green and flash slowly, and the lighting will start.
2. Speed regulation: when it runs, press ON/OFF/speed regulation button to
switch to the ultra high speed, work/recharging indicator light will be green and
flash quickly, and the lighting will start.
3.To turn off, press ON/OFF/speed regulation button.
4. Plug-in & plug-out mode, guarantees continuous care (when the battery runs
out in use);
5. When the battery volume is too low, the work/recharging indicator light will
flash quickly in red for a few times, then it will be off, the product will be off
6. For better skin grinding experience, you can select the high-speed, ultra
high-speed, or fine remover, rough remover.
7. Please move slowly on the skin gently with continuous pressure to exfoliate.

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